Thursday, October 13, 2016

The US Postal Service delivers its own demise

She faithfully served 16 years as a Rural Letter Csrrier, but couldn't take it any more. She left because abuse, discrimination and reckless violation of the United States Constitution had shuttered all hope of reaching the goal of a blessed career.
The unpleasant end gives evidence of why the US Postal Service cannot survive unless management at all levels takes the principles of management to heart.

Maria Raquel Vila Real
332 NE 36 Avenue Road
Homestead, Florida 33033

October 13. 2016

Ms. Megan Brennan
United States Postmaster General
475 L’Enfant Plaza
Washington, DC 20260

Reference:        1. Fed Debt Case No: 1600102087 and
2. My torrid 16-Year Experience as a Rural Letter Carrier

Dear Ms. Brennan

As a former rural letter carrier I have attempted to resolve a payroll matter with the local Homestead Postmaster, the appropriate authority, but, lo and behold, I am bluntly ignored. None, not even one of my letters asking for a resolution has been responded to. Why is the US Postal Service allowing its management to blatantly violate the most basic rules of good management and abuse, mistreat, and exploit its personnel?
As a 16-year employee of the United States Postal Service as a letter carrier my thoughts which led to my resignation in 2015 are confirmed following receipt of the cold and nondiscerning June 8, 2016 and August 24, 2016  letter:
In reply to a dispute submitted by debtor, attached is debt information from the originating agency or their response to a dispute.
Per the agency, the debt is valid and collection should continue.
And, I hasten to add, I continue to have a claim arising from the incorrect accounting of my sick leave. The Homestead Postmaster treats me like a piece of garbage by completely ignoring my many oral and written pleas. Is it now common practice for Post Office management to treat its letter carriers like third rate subjects to be treated and exploited at will.
My loss of respect for the United States Postal Service has suffered a most devastating blow upon receipt of the August 24, 2016 correspondence accusing me of being a liar.

That, Ms. Brennan, overflows the cup. Nobody, not one individual has ever accused me of lying before. Now comes the US Postal Service and attempts to smear my credibility and honor by accusing me of being a liar. I cannot and will not permit anyone to insult me.

I must and I will share my experience with my friends and all who will listen how I have suffered as a US Postal Service employee at the hands of the Homestead Postmaster and continue to suffer as an ex-employee at the hands of the US Postal Service.

I, for one, shall make a concerted effort never to use the services of the US Postal Service again because I have and continue to suffer incompetence, discrimination and corruption. I will not ask, but certainly hope my friends will join me. My experience as an employee and ex-employee of the US Postal Serve confirms what has been reported in the media for years — the United States Postal Service must be cleaned or disposed of.

I am unable to look back on these many years as a letter carrier with gratifying memories in my heart because the painful memories continue to make me wonder: Why is the United States Postal Service failing to serve the American public with respect.
Let me ask you, the official representative of the United States Postal Service: How can you expect the United States Postal Service to provide the services to the citizens of our great country as contemplated by Benjamin Franklin, one of our nation’s founders and great statesmen, in 1775 if the Postal Service employees are treated with disdain, arrogance, and with blatant acts of dictatorial abuses and discrimination?

My disappointment in the treatment of its employees by the US Postal Service matches that of the services rendered by its agents.

Your refusal to acknowledge my repeated correspondence addressed to you and your refusal to take the appropriate action dictates that I continue to deny the validity of your claim.

Your refusal to attend to my written correspondence in which I raised the issue of the Homestead, Florida Postmaster ignoring to pay me compensation due me and your ignoring my repeated requests to attend to this matter, is unprofessional, despicable, and forces me to issue a plea to other sources for help to protect my rights and document the truth.

Simply calling me a debtor and turning this matter over to a collection agency is not proper, simply demonstrates how irresponsible and reckless employees of the US Postal Service operate and treat other employees, and cannot and will not be accepted. Such misconduct will be exposed and must be corrected.

I categorically refuse to listen to the demands of a collection agency because no one, neither you nor the Homestead Postmaster has provided proof that I owe the US Postal Service a single penny. Your bully tactics won’t work; on the contrary, I will cooperate in efforts to search for the truth: Am I and others victim of utter carelessness, incompetence, and deliberate discriminatory and abusive practices greatly unlawful, but overlooked and tolerated by the United States Postmaster.

I have been a dedicated employee of the United States Postal Service for 16 years, suffered intolerable working conditions, mistreatment, abuses, and discriminatory practices in violation of our federal statutes instigated and tolerated by the Homestead, Florida Postmaster.

As part of this abuse, the Homestead Postmaster deliberately failed to compensate me for services rendered and compensation entitled to.

Your failure to respect my rights and refusal to properly review my earnings record is worse than disrespectful due a US Postal Service Letter Carrier and federal employee. It calls for action:

1.   I have given my consent for an interview with Dr. Heinz Dinter, a duly accredited investigative journalist and member of the Society of Professional Journalists who is conducting research for an article on the operation of the U.S. Postal Service and
2.   I shall bring the details of my 16-year experience as a Letter Carrier, especially the conditions at the Homestead, Florida Post Office, to the attention of the United States Postmaster General.

I stand firm in my refusal
·       To be denied compensation I have earned
·       To be abused
·       To be discriminated against
·       To suffer mistreatment and unlawful actions by superiors.

If upon proper accounting it is determined I have been overpaid I shall promptly reimburse the US Postal Service.

I invite you  all to share your thoughts at

Sincerely yours,

Maria Raquel Vila Real

c:      U.S. Treasury Department
Debt Management Services — Bureau of the Fiscal Service
25 West Oxmoor Road, Suite 7B
Birmingham, AL 35209

The Inspector General
US Postal Service
1735 North Lynn Street
Arlington, VA 22209

Mr. Jeff Taylor
General Postmaster
US Postal Service South District
1900 W Oakland Park Boulevard
Oakland Park, FL 33310

Ms. Ilia Marino
US Postal Service
Homestead Post Office
739 Washington Avenue
Homestead, FL 33033

Heinz Dinter, PhD

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